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Tower House

Word goes that Pisa, around the thirteenth century, had some 5.000 Tower Houses, all within the city walls, meant to protect the inhabitants from external attacks.
Their particular structure allowed them to open a workshop at street level for either a craft or a trade, then they could have a warehouse and above again the actual dwellings.
The top floor usually housed the kitchen which had a fireplace in the centre of the room. They consisted of one or two rooms on each floor and their growth was predominantly vertical, i.e. a sort of "skyscraper" whose height depended on the ambitions and power of the owning family.

By virtue of its history, the spaces within our Tower House are still the original ones, that is why you will not find very spacious rooms, but surely you will appreciate its antique atmosphere dating back to the Middle Ages.

If Pisan ships could withstand the powerful thrust of water, one could well think those same ship components could also withstand the enormous weight of stone. We can thus envisage these Pisan Tower Houses as reminiscent of actual and real ships set in a sea of stone.